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Diverse Learning Environments



From 6 weeks old to 1 year old, breastfed or formula-fed, we meet your infant where they are at developmentally with a soft environment for safe play, appropriate wake windows for your baby's naps, interactive activities for their motor development, and low ratios for quality care. 


Once your toddler is no longer in the nursery, we will continue to meet them where they are at. We understand the importance of morning naps for those who still need them, we support and guide them in their potty training journey, and we maintain low teacher-to-child ratios to ensure their individual needs are met.



In our Preschool room, we have structured activities throughout the week. Our main focus is teaching children about Jesus and preparing them for Pre-K by incorporating curriculum alongside.


In this program, we create an environment where your child's curiosity flourishes. We focus on preparing them for Kindergarten, which is an exciting time. To enroll, your child should be potty trained and turn 4 years old by August 31st.

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