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 Accepting Applications for
Fall 2024 / Spring 2025


Steps for Enrollment

1. Schedule a tour & fill out the registration form.

2. Pay the $75 registration fee

3. Enroll when a spot becomes available.


Our Services



Half Day Options

2-3 days : $20 per day

4-5 days : $19 per day



Half Day Options

2-3 days : $19 per day

4-5 days : $18 per day



Half Day Options

2-3 days : $18 per day

4-5 days : $17 per day


Afterschool Elementary

Half Day Options

2-3 days : $16 per day

4 days : $15 per day

5 days : $14 per day


  • Where are we located?
    Definition Church Hunter Hills Campus, 1806 Merritt Dr,Greensboro, NC 27407 Our main entrance is the downstairs door to the right of the playground.
  • Is there a waiting list?
    Not at the current time, but enrollment is first come first serve. Once a classroom is full you will be put on a waiting list until a spot becomes available.
  • What is high-quality childcare?
    All of our employees are trained and have experience working with children. We maintain low staff to child ratios so there is more one-on-one focus. We model Definition’s safety standards and put safety as the highest priority. Our curriculum is biblically based and developmentally appropriate. We strive to partner with parents as much as possible. We use an app called Famly so that you can keep up with your child throughout the day using live time reports and messaging.
  • How is payment collected?
    Parents pay directly through our "Famly" software using either direct deposit or a credit/debit card. We do not accept cash.
  • Do you accept government aid?
    We are currently not able to accept any form of aid from the government due to our licensing.
  • What is the billing cycle?
    We bill on a weekly basis. Invoices are sent out through our parent communication app on Wednesday's and due on that following Monday. There is a 4 day grace period & a $10 late fee will be applied after the grace period has ended. After 2 weeks of overdue invoices, we pause care.
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